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I haven’t blogged as much since I came to California, but I’ve definitely been using my hands, good ingredients and supplies, and creativity. I made Harry Potter-inspired “chocolate frogs” for an event here at school. Really easy– I laid out little piles of gummy candy, whipped up a batch of chocolate ganache, and poured some over each.


To celebrate the end of a really hard class in Practical Theology, I made a cake that looked like one of the most difficult texts.


Christmas wreath. I wanted it to be hula-hoop sized. But our door isn’t big enough.


Pears in a caramel sauce, for a tart.


Homemade pretzels! Inspired by our wedding feast, for our anniversary. With white cheddar dipping sauce.


Succulent gardens! In containers I found at the Goodwill store.


Everyone at SexHo Xmas got a tiny Lego person as a gift tag.


Chocolate chip monkey bread! Didn’t last long at all…


A cake to celebrate wrapping on a production of _The Great Divorce._

Things I want to make soon: savory filled pancakes using a pan my dear friend Janet got us. Wine bottle pendant lamps with Matt at a class here in the village. A book light— old fashioned lightbulb in an old book. And cupcakes with the Arabic alphabet for one of my Arabic classes.


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