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Frittata Queen

Around here, Matt is the Omelette King.  In fact, he even blogged as such.

My favorite omelette of his involves leftover samosa filling. We make samosas from scratch, and always have leftover filling. The next morning, he’ll make omelets with samosa filling, served with yogurt and chutneys on the side.  Bravo!

After reading about frittata, and their tasty ease, for many years, a few months ago I really got into them.  Eggs, egg beaters, and savory goodness on bottom.  Every one has turned out delicious, as countless cookbook writers, bloggers, and magazine columnists had assured me.  But– I am especially bold and willing.

Here is what was in tonight’s fritatta:

Leftover lima bean chili. I’ve been making veggie chili for years. We always use dried beans, not canned, and think (especially with red beans and chickpeas) it makes an enormous difference. Because of this, we often have stores of various beans in the freezer. We discovered recently that lima beans have a crazy amount of fibre, which makes them more appealing for our weight watchers program.  If I use Pam spray instead of olive oil to saute the veg, there isn’t any fat at all in the chili– only delicious savory veg and beans, and aromatic powerful spices. Wow!

Leftover fancy goat cheese. I don’t remember why we bought this, but I found a bit of it in the fridge, and am trying to clear it out before we go on vacation.

Leftover fat free cream cheese.  From earlier weight watchers endeavors. Only a smidge left. I don’t like to throw food away, so I microwaved the cream cheese for 17 seconds, and then creamed it with the goat cheese, a sprinkle of cumin, and a dash of cayenne.

Five eggs and 1/2 cup of eggbeaters.  Again, we’re trying to clear out the fridge and don’t like to throw away food. We had five eggs left.

One serving of blue tortilla chips.

One tiny serving of the filling for savory cajun stuffed mushrooms, from weight watchers online. The filling was in the freezer, from the last time I made the mushrooms. It’s savory and spicy, and has a similar “flavor profile” to the chili, so I put it in.

I heated the chili and mushroom filling in a pan. I added hot sauce because it was a bit dry, and then a bit of Tabasco butter Matt had made for a recipe earlier this summer. (Another smidge of leftover from the fridge.)

I put that in a pie pan, and mixed together the eggs, eggbeaters, salt and pepper, and poured eggs on top of chili mixture.  This I baked for ten minutes.

(I read a hint from someone that if you add the cheese after the first ten minutes, it doesn’t melt in, and fall into the mixture, and so it feels and looks more cheesy, and you can use less.)

Then, I stuck in the tortilla chips in a haphazard pattern around the border of the frittata.  The blue chips looked pretty against the yellow egg mixture. I put clumps of the goat cheese mixture around in the middle.

It baked for fifteen more minutes.  After pulling it out of the oven, I sprinkled some more hot sauce over the top for color and verve.

Delicious! Thrifty, healthy, and very pretty. I used up four leftovers, and had something much more exciting.

“Ave, Ovo Regina!”


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