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Little icon lost

Our dear friend Tom visited us this past weekend. My former roommate, Matt’s former colleague, our groomsman, the Thomas I took to Haiti with me the second time I went, my date for the fanciest ball I ever attended, and photographer for many, many trips around St. Louis.  We used to get up early on a Saturday morning, to explore an old graveyard, or an abandoned house, or the train tracks in East St. Louis.  I would climb, enter, trespass, go up staircases and marvel at old peeling wallpapers, peer into chapel doors, and he would take photos.

Here is one shot he got at one of our favorite neighborhood places, a life-sized stations of the Cross, with holy grottos and various chapels, outdoors.  I don’t have anything else to say, just that I love this photograph, and feel like the little figurine looks like a storybook character gone lost and found.


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