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This is so great.  I’m loving both the commentary and the photos on this site:  (Found via Apartment Therapy’s Ohdeedoh…)

1001 rules for my unborn son

It made me think about advice my parents have given me…  And I can’t actually come up with any.  I know that my dad taught me that one shouldn’t talk about or ask how much gifts cost.  My Aunt Angie taught me how to blow my nose (but I guess that isn’t advice).  

When I moved to New York, and was terribly homesick, my dad was listening to me on the phone, talking about everything that was hard and different, and all of the reasons I couldn’t come home.  My dad, after listening, said with finality and reassurance, “Well, you’re not in the Shire anymore.”  

Which caused me to both burst into tears (because truly, I wasn’t) and feel relieved that he totally got it.


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